A Menstrual Cup: The Backpacking Hack

behind a young woman wearing a backpack sitting in the front of a canoe boat looking out to the view of the river and mountains and greenery at either side

A backpacking adventure across a new city, country, or continent can be an unforgettable experience. About 45 million backpacking trips are taken each year. You might take a gap year after college to explore the world or are older and ready to shake things up. Being on the road with your backpack helps you smash […]

Period Poverty: Can a Menstrual Cup Help?

close up of a stack of wrapped sanitary pads on a wooden table next to a stack of coins

 Period poverty is a term most often used to describe a situation where people can’t afford or access menstrual products like sanitary pads and tampons. Because having a clean and healthy period requires more than just the ability to absorb blood, not having access to toilets, washing facilities, and disposal is also part of period […]

How to Get Great Sleep on Your Period

young woman face laid back in comfortable bed sleeping wearing a black sleep mask

Bleeding during a period is only one of the symptoms that come along during the menstrual cycle. A few items in the long list of symptoms include cramping, bloating, pain, headaches, anxiety, mood changes, diarrhea, and depression, among others. Difficulty sleeping, with both quantity and quality, is a big problem for many people during their […]

Menstrual Cups: A Step Towards Minimalism

young women with natural long afro hair standing in a white v neck sweater against a plain tan colored background

Living a minimal life isn’t all about throwing away our things and living in a plain white space with no furniture. In most cases, practicing minimalism only involves cutting down on some of the clutter in your home and improving routines to free up time. For people who want to simplify their life this way, […]

Prep for the Unexpected with a Menstrual Cup

the back of a woman with long blonde hair staring at empty supermarket shelves and an out of stock sign

The last few years gave us all some lessons on the realities of how our supply chains work. Or sometimes don’t work. The 2020 pandemic brought us factory closures, shortages, and panic buying of essential items, including period products like pads and tampons. After the pandemic, people started evaluating whether they felt prepared for any […]