Life On The Road: Your Menstrual Cup Hack

close up of black woman driving truck wearing construction vest and hat

Not everyone who menstruates lives the same lifestyle. Many people live life on the road for either work, living, or recreation. Society and companies have ignored this reality, particularly around menstruation. Living your life on the road isn’t unusual, yet many products are still non-compatible with a traveling lifestyle. Whether you work in trucking, air […]

Camping & Festivals: Your Menstrual Cup Hack

group of Mutlti ethnic women at music festival smiling for a selfie

For most activities, you can play life by ear and decide on the day how you feel. When your period comes, some plans get shuffled or rain checked. But not everything is so flexible. Often a music festival or a camping trip has been on the agenda for weeks or months and you don’t want […]

Could Menstrual Cups Restore Period Dignity in Prisons?

woman prisoner in orange jumpsuit standing behind bars

At Capd Period, we believe in period freedom and dignity for every person on earth with menstrual needs. The number of people in women’s jails and prisons is increasing and has been sharply rising for decades. A recent Time article by Victoria Law and Rachel Kauder Nalebuff describes how 90% of inmates in female prisons […]