Save Landfill With a Menstrual Cup

two garbage men emptying a garbage can into the back of a garbage truck

Can switching to a menstrual cup really make a difference? In the USA alone, we produce around 268 million tons of garbage yearly. From that, at least 140 million tons end up in a landfill. Even though recycling programs are expanding, the numbers are unsustainable. Unless we want to end up with more landfill area […]

The Benefits of Yoga for Your Period

close up of young woman from the neck down in yoga clothes with a yoga mat on shoulder and menstrual cup and pouch in hands

Practicing yoga has many benefits for both physical and mental health. This can be especially true during a period. At a time when you may not want to do any high-impact or aggressive working out, choosing some gentle yoga is a great alternative. Here is a small selection of ways gentle yoga can help you […]

How Silicone Changed Menstrual Cups

a light purple menstrual cup and two tampons on a wooden table

Modern menstrual cups are revolutionizing period care for millions of people around the world. Every year more and more people ditch a life of pad and tampon consumption and realize the benefits of using a cup. Comfortable, safe, money-saving, and eco-friendly, they give us the ultimate freedom in menstrual care. But they haven’t always been […]

Is Using a Menstrual Cup as Messy as You Fear?

purple menstrual cup on a wooden table next to a purple pouch

Menstrual cups have seen a surge in popularity in recent times. More and more people are discovering the benefits of switching to a menstrual cup. With a greater capacity than pads and tampons, up to 10 years of cost saving, and reduced environmental impact, it is easy to see why.  People often have reservations about […]

Hiking Freedom: Your Menstrual Cup Hack

young woman stood in the wilderness and mountains with her arms stretched out enjoying herself

Hiking is one of the most soul-nourishing types of exercise we can do. Getting outside into the elements and feeling the freshness of the outdoor air on your face. It’s a great way to exercise without it feeling like a workout. If you get into the habit of taking solo time to hike or joining […]

5 Ways a Menstrual Cup Can Help Your Vacation

young woman with afro hair looking back from deckchair on beach smiling with ocean in background

If your long-awaited vacation is set to be a highlight this year, you might be disappointed to find your period along for the unwelcome ride. Navigating your menstrual cycle is a part of life, but it need not stop you from living your best life. Here at Capd Period, we believe we can follow our […]

6 Tips for a Better Workout on Your Period

close up of kettlebells on the floor outside and a womans arms squatting down to pick one up

Moderate exercise during a period has been shown to help boost mood, reduce cramps, and potentially aid other PMS symptoms. Despite this, before you hit the gym, keeping some things in mind to reduce stress on your body can help. If you have an extra heavy flow, consult your doctor beforehand to keep yourself as […]

Is it Worth Switching to a Menstrual Cup in Perimenopause?

close up of a middle aged asian lady with gray hair smiling contently

Menstrual cups are becoming more and more popular as people learn about the benefits and make the switch. People often change to using a cup for their period based on future money savings or environmental damage. With decades of periods behind you, you might feel you missed the boat with those benefits. There are still […]

Sleeping Away From Home on Your Period 

a young woman with natural afro hair sleeping in a white bed on her side, looking peaceful

At Capd Period, we spend a lot of time thinking about how menstrual care can be improved for everyone who experiences periods. When we discuss ways a menstrual cup can help you on your period, it’s easy to focus on the classic problems. Debilitating cramps, heavy flow, and leaking are usually the first that come […]

Can a Teenager Use a Menstrual Cup?

teenage girl sitting on bed holding menstrual cup

A menstrual cup provides many advantages over pads and tampons for your period flow needs. Lasting up to 10 years each, they are still the most cost-effective option. Over time, they save large amounts of trash from being added to our already brimming landfills. The earlier in your menstrual journey, you switch to a menstrual […]