Unlock Answers: Can You Poop Wearing a Menstrual Cup?

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Often the most common questions people have about switching to a menstrual cup are not necessarily on the subject of bleeding. Many people wonder about doing other parts of daily life while wearing a menstrual cup. So can you pee and poop wearing a menstrual cup? The answer is yes. You can absolutely pee and […]

How to Combat Period Fatigue

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Fatigue felt during a period is one of the most common yet most dismissed symptoms of menstruation. Fluctuating hormones can cause fatigue, making everything feel like a struggle. Heavy bleeding can create anemia and dehydration. These can add your problems and create fatigue that stops you from living your daily life. Find out how habit […]

The Environmental Cost of Periods: Menstrual Cups Can Help

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All disposable products go through a long and complicated journey before reaching us. That continues after we throw them away. They are only with us for a short time, but in many cases we use plastic that remains in the world forever. We use and dispose of billions of pads and tampons every year. The […]

Will a Menstrual Cup Change My PH Levels?

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When it comes to menstrual products, we haven’t always been so cautious about what we insert into our vaginas. Many of us learned about menstrual products from the generation above us. We learned from experience that these products can often affect our natural balance, even before we knew the science on the topic. With new […]

Life On The Road: Your Menstrual Cup Hack

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Not everyone who menstruates lives the same lifestyle. Many people live life on the road for either work, living, or recreation. Society and companies have ignored this reality, particularly around menstruation. Living your life on the road isn’t unusual, yet many products are still non-compatible with a traveling lifestyle. Whether you work in trucking, air […]

Camping & Festivals: Your Menstrual Cup Hack

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For most activities, you can play life by ear and decide on the day how you feel. When your period comes, some plans get shuffled or rain checked. But not everything is so flexible. Often a music festival or a camping trip has been on the agenda for weeks or months and you don’t want […]

Could Menstrual Cups Restore Period Dignity in Prisons?

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At Capd Period, we believe in period freedom and dignity for every person on earth with menstrual needs. The number of people in women’s jails and prisons is increasing and has been sharply rising for decades. A recent Time article by Victoria Law and Rachel Kauder Nalebuff describes how 90% of inmates in female prisons […]

Menstrual Cups: A Big Help for Some Disabilities

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When we open the conversation about menstruation, we must talk about and include everyone who menstruates. As we strive to move forward in our thinking as a society regarding periods, bleeding, and menstrual care, we should leave no one behind in the conversation. For most of history, people with disabilities or challenges were left out […]

5 Ways to Reduce Stress During Your Period

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As a population, we have a lot of unmanaged stress in our lives. Stress builds from all angles. With our work, finances, families, personal battles, and a never-ending barrage of information, we constantly feel behind in our lives. Fluctuating hormones during our menstrual cycle can affect our mood and our ability to get enough quality […]

Menstrual Cups vs Period Underwear

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Thankfully, innovation in the menstrual care industry has boomed in recent years. You may have heard about the number of people switching to menstrual cups or other sustainable options, like period underwear. After decades of only disposable, uncomfortable, and leaky products, new period care is changing lives. Menstrual cups have been available for decades but […]