5 Ways a Menstrual Cup Can Help Your Vacation

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If your long-awaited vacation is set to be a highlight this year, you might be disappointed to find your period along for the unwelcome ride. Navigating your menstrual cycle is a part of life, but it need not stop you from living your best life. Here at Capd Period, we believe we can follow our dreams and nurture our needs. Here are 5 ways switching to a menstrual cup can help your vacation plans.

Every vacation day counts

If you have sightseeing or adventures planned, it cuts into the fun when you have to make changes around your period. Making plans in a new town or foreign place can be tricky when you aren’t sure exactly how many times you might need to make a menstrual change. Even with an educated guess, there’s often a surprising leak along the way. Usually, on the day you wear white pants!

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With a higher capacity, a menstrual cup allows you up to 12 hours of wear between removals. If your flow is extra heavy, CapdCup helps with this issue, designed to let you empty the cup without removing it during the day. The long wear of a menstrual cup, with added flexibility in case you fill it during the day.

Save suitcase space with a menstrual cup

Despite good intentions, many of us find ourselves on the floor, sitting on our suitcase, squishing it closed. Every inch counts when we travel. Whether we pack as lightly as possible with the minimum or take a 3-week supply for a weekend trip. Both scenarios value space. Switching to a menstrual cup saves you from packing bulky pads and tampons and gives you room for things you love.

Fearless beach and pool days

When wearing a pad, beach and swim days are majorly interrupted. Even with a tampon, the number of changes needed and the potential discomfort of it expanding in water can make us sideline aquatic fun. For many of us, frolicking around in the water and sand is a big part of letting loose on vacation. Switching to a menstrual cup allows you to swim, sunbathe, and lazy river, confident you are protected all day.

Less airplane and truck stop bathroom breaks

Using a bathroom on a plane or at a rest stop is interesting enough. During your period, it is even more of an experience. On a long flight, trying to change menstrual products in tiny, turbulent-ridden bathrooms kills the vacation vibe before it begins. The CapdCup benefit of emptying without removing it gives you the confidence you won’t spend your travels wrestling yourself in bathrooms.

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Save the headspace

Even when your period is not extra heavy, it’s still something you don’t want to have to think about on vacation. At the back of your mind, menstruating means you always have to plan and think ahead. Always concerned about finding facilities. Postponing activities so you can find a pharmacy for pads and tampons, or worse, an underwear store. When wearing a menstrual cup, you can reduce the number of things on your mind. To be on vacation is to be in the moment, and a menstrual cup allows you to do just that.

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