A Menstrual Cup: Your Debt-Free Journey Hack

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A debt-free journey is a more recognizable name for people on an intentional path to completely clear their debt. Embarking on your debt-free journey is a bold and life-changing decision. It requires a lot of self-discipline and determination to change your budget to feel the freedom of being debt free. Sacrifices are made, and after looking honestly at their previous spending, many people change their habits and desires for good. If you are on the journey, you will no doubt have scoured your budget for monthly savings, but there is always more to be discovered. Switching to a menstrual cup is just one way to save a few dollars, reach your goal, and find a life-changing product.

On the debt-free journey, every dollar counts

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When beginning a path to become debt free, however big or large your debt, it can be tempting to feel up against an impossible task. Many people feel overwhelmed by the amount of debt they have. The truth is quite different. Most people who successfully paid off their debts in a shorter time, did so by saving small.

What is a menstrual cup?

Lasting up to 10 years, a menstrual cup like CapdCup is an environmentally and budget-friendly alternative to sanitary pads or tampons. Made from medical-grade, soft, and flexible silicone, it fits comfortably into your vagina, creating a tight seal. With a higher capacity for blood than any other product, you can wear a cup for up to 12 hours before removing. Removal is easy, then you simply wash and reinsert your cup. During the 12 hours, you may need to empty it, using the same method. CapdCup from Capd Period is the first cup you can empty during the day without removing it. This saves you even more time and effort.

A menstrual cup isn’t a sacrifice, it’s an upgrade

Many of the changes to your budget on a debt-free journey can be considered sacrifices. People agree to go without certain foods, activities, and even cell phones. Some budget items that people stop spending money on they find they don’t miss. And other things they can’t wait to put back into the budget afterward.

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More and more people are switching to a menstrual cup in all financial and life situations. When they discover the benefits of using a cup beyond cost savings, they will never go without one again. A menstrual cup has a higher capacity than a pad or tampon and is ideal for those with a heavy flow. Once you are comfortable with your cup, the tight seal makes leaks a thing of the past, even while exercising. The environmental impact savings alone can be enough for some people to make the switch.

Can a menstrual cup really help your budget?

Every dollar saved from a debt-free budget goes toward the end goal. It can be surprising how quickly you can achieve it. As an average person spends $20 per cycle on menstrual products, it is easy to see that over a year or two of a debt-free journey, the savings add up. The savings over a 10-year lifespan of a cup are even more remarkable. When you are long past fighting debt and using your extra money to build your wealth, the benefits of a menstrual cup will still be contributing.

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