Are Menstrual Cups Still the Most Sustainable Option?

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When trying our best to make choices to help the environment, sometimes it feels like an uphill battle, as we don’t always feel in control of the results. We can do our part by trying to make decisions with intention. Reducing our purchasing and what we send to the landfill regularly is something everyone can actively work on. Our period is a part of life that we often wish could be more sustainable. You may have heard about reusable options and menstrual cups as an alternative to disposable pads and tampons. But which is the most sustainable?

First, the worst offenders

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As expected, the worst offenders for sustainability in menstrual products are disposable sanitary pads and tampons. Made from a mixture of materials, including plastics, chemicals, adhesives, and cotton, which needs growing. They cannot end up anywhere except in a landfill and frequently cause plumbing problems when flushed down toilets. 

Wearable period underwear 

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A newer trend in the period care world is menstrual underwear, designed for wearing without a pad or tampon. Menstrual underwear is designed to absorb menstrual blood and draw it away from your body and skin. A truly innovative idea in the fight for freedom over our periods and a step towards sustainability.

As a reusable product, you could get a few years from a pair of underwear. The sheer amount of times they need to go through the wash, especially if you have a heavy flow, dramatically change the lifespan of each pair. Unless you like laundry, you might need a few pricey pairs of underwear to get through a period. The upfront cost can be too much for many people. 

Washable pads exist for the time committed

For the truly time committed, there are washable and reusable cotton sanitary pads. A new take on one of the oldest methods of menstrual care, these cotton absorbent pads are washable and reused each cycle. The downside to this vintage route is the time investment in washing, drying, and removing stains. Many require soaking, hand washing, and air drying. It’s an ongoing task during a period to keep up with the workload. Like menstrual underwear, reusable pads require a bulk investment upfront and replacement when needed. 

Menstrual cups are reusable without the laundry

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The non-disposable menstrual cup, CapdCup, is made from medical-grade silicone, not plastics. You can reuse each one for up to 10 years before replacing it, and you only need one item to wear during a period. With no laundry, you can clean the cup with gentle soap and water before being stored or reinserted.

With the cheapest upfront cost, a menstrual cup is the most affordable non-disposable product and the most time efficient. We at Capd Period have worked hard to make CapdCup the most time-efficient cup of all, with the ability to wear it for up to 12 hours and to empty the cup during the day without removing it. 

Menstrual cups still win with sustainability

Currently, menstrual cups are small still the most sustainable option for period care. Fortunately, the world of menstrual care is reacting to our desires for a more sustainable answer to periods. With so many options available, everyone who wishes can find a sustainable option to work for them. 

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