Camping & Festivals: Your Menstrual Cup Hack

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For most activities, you can play life by ear and decide on the day how you feel. When your period comes, some plans get shuffled or rain checked. But not everything is so flexible. Often a music festival or a camping trip has been on the agenda for weeks or months and you don’t want to miss it. Unfortunately, many would rather miss out completely than take their chances with pads and tampons in a tent. Menstrual care is moving on, and there are better ways to period away from home. Switching to a menstrual cup gives you more convenience, confidence, and privacy, so you can eliminate period FOMO forever. 

Get more convenience with a menstrual cup

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The biggest convenience of menstrual cups that is changing lives across the world is the long wear time. With up to a 12-hour wear time, and a high capacity for heavy flow, a reusable menstrual cup gives you more time between changes than other menstrual products.

If it fills during the 12 hours, simply remove the cup, empty it into the toilet, rinse it with water and insert it again. At Capd Period, period freedom is our priority. We created CapdCup with a built-in cap, so you can empty it during your 12 hours without needing to remove it, giving you the whole 12 hours of period freedom.

Nobody wants to risk running out of pads and tampons in the middle of the woods, or worse, at a festival. Not needing disposable products also means you don’t have to find the right place to throw them away.

Have more confidence

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It’s hard to get deep into the moment when you’re afraid that at any point you might start to leak or need to change quickly. It’s hard to settle into sleep with a group of people when you’re constantly checking you aren’t staining your pants or blankets. Even with the most understanding friends around you, it is hard to feel completely free when attending to your period every couple of hours.

When inserted correctly, a menstrual cup prevents leaks and remains in place no matter how much moving, climbing, and dancing you do. With the confidence to get a fuller night’s sleep without needing to trip to the bathroom several times, you wake up fresher and ready for the next day of adventure.

A menstrual cup allows more privacy

Normalizing menstruation is vital, and at Capd Period, it is one of our goals. Today, some people are more comfortable with their period in public than others. Menstrual companies must meet you where you are and consider your physical and emotional needs. In a group setting, you may or may not want to call attention to your period. 

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A menstrual cup helps you keep as much privacy as possible. With only the cup and case to carry, there won’t be disposable pads and tampons sticking out from every pocket of your bag or any need for an up-the-sleeve product hiding on the way to the bathroom. Having fewer items to carry and less period-related bathroom trips is game changing. A menstrual cup allows you to share about your period on your own terms, at your own comfort level. 

Innovations in menstrual care make it possible to get so much more out of life by not having to say no quite so much. Sometimes we use the same products for so long that we don’t consider life could be easier for us. Menstrual cups help to bring freedom and adventure back into our lives, even during a period.

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