Can a Teenager Use a Menstrual Cup?

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A menstrual cup provides many advantages over pads and tampons for your period flow needs. Lasting up to 10 years each, they are still the most cost-effective option. Over time, they save large amounts of trash from being added to our already brimming landfills. The earlier in your menstrual journey, you switch to a menstrual cup, the longer you can reap the benefits. For maximum benefit, using one from the very start makes your period journey as inexpensive and environmentally friendly as possible. This usually sparks the next question. Can a menstrual cup be used from the beginning of a menstrual cycle when the person is just a teenager?

It is safe for a teen to use a menstrual cup

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Teenagers and people experiencing their first periods can safely use a menstrual cup if they choose to do so. Some younger people love that a menstrual cup gives them much more time freedom than traditional pads and tampons. Others like being as environmentally friendly as possible right from the start. A popular benefit of a menstrual cup like CapdCup is the ability to wear it for up to 12 hours during a school day, even while playing sports. At Capd Period, we have gone one step further and given you the flexibility to empty your cup if you need to, without removing it.

Do what feels comfortable to you

The most part of any decision you make surrounding your period is comfort. Although it has many benefits, for some younger people starting their journey, using a menstrual cup doesn’t feel comfortable yet. Sometimes people need to experiment with the size of the cup or wait until they are a little older to make it part of their menstrual care.

The most important part of having your period is that it is yours. That means using what feels comfortable for you and your flow is vital. At the start of your journey, experimenting with choices is valuable. Trying the options and testing what works for you. Other people will recommend what works for them. Every cycle is different, and their choices around it are completely personal.

As your life expands, your menstrual needs change

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As you get older and your lifestyle starts to change, you may have different needs for your period. Sometimes our once favorite product can no longer work for our new lifestyle. Be open to making changes as life develops. You may find yourself traveling a lot and seeing the world, a time when a menstrual cup can really be a game changer. You may enter a job field where an all-day wear cup is the most efficient way to work. Staying adaptable is an excellent trait, and reevaluating things regularly, ensures you don’t get stuck in old habits.

As you start your menstrual journey, you have the benefit of something your ancestors did not, options. Lots of options. There are many safe products available for your period care. Whether you choose to use pads, tampons, period underwear or start the benefits of a menstrual cup early, your ability to decide is what really counts. 

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