Can You Exercise Wearing a Menstrual Cup?

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Exercise during your period is a personal choice. Everyone has a unique relationship with activity in an average week, and each period has a different flow and symptoms. For some people, hitting the gym or yoga studio during a period feels impossible. For others, movement is invigorating, and they hate being out of their regular workout routine. If you are considering a switch to a menstrual cup and either love to or wish to exercise, you might wonder whether the cup can hack it in the gym. 

Gentle exercise is good for us during periods

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Even though we can feel tired, sluggish, and sometimes depressed during our period, adding some movement can help a lot. Gentle exercise can help to lessen some PMS symptoms and is encouraged by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. A Taiwanese study showed a decrease in menstrual pain in women taking just a 12 week course of yoga. If we keep hydrated to account for blood loss, then getting our body moving can help our symptoms during our whole cycle, not just our period days. When your period flow is very heavy, or you already have a health problem, you should talk to your doctor before doing any exercise. 

Periods can make the most active people dread working out

Many people love their exercise routine for keeping fit, building strength, or the many mental health benefits. A gym, yoga, or walking routine can be game-changing for our happiness levels. During a period, lovers of working out sometimes head out to the gym regardless. Others hold off, not confident their pads and tampons can protect them. Periods are difficult enough without sacrificing more things we love to do. 

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If you enjoy more vigorous exercise, or have a heavy flow, working out while wearing a pad, tampon, or both, can feel like gambling. Aside from the painful chafe when a pad and sweaty skin rub together, it’s not uncommon for a workout to end with a tampon falling out. When we exercise, we want to forget about our period and feel confident we can get all the benefits of turning up to exercise.

A menstrual cup can hold up where tampons and pads do not

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Menstrual cups, like CapdCup, are designed for all periods, including heavy periods. They have a greater capacity than either pads or tampons. When put in correctly, the seal gives you leak-free confidence to be in the moment, including during exercise. Thanks to soft and flexible silicone, you won’t feel the cup inside, no matter how intricate your yoga poses. 

We at Capd Period are taking convenience to another level, as CapdCup doesn’t need removing to empty it. There’s no need for the hassle of removal and washing while on the go. Menstrual cups are helping us move on from the days of chafing rash, leaking at the gym, or skipping it altogether. Period care is changing, and we deserve the freedom to choose how to spend our period days. 

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