How Menstrual Cups Can Help College Life

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Moving to go to college is a life-changing and exciting step along your journey. Away from the comforts and routines of home, you can start establishing your own way of doing things. It can feel overwhelming at first to be in control of remembering everything if you never were before. Getting into a routine with your period is an important step. It will save you a lot of stress and money in the long run. Menstrual cups can help your period feel as easy as possible.

Downsize to stay organized

College dorm rooms often don’t have a lot of space and sometimes only have a small or shared bathroom with no storage. A cluttered environment is a big thing that can hinder you from being productive and feeling in the right mindset to study. Start out by only taking essentials with you in the first place, and try to be intentional about what you buy or bring into your new space. Using a menstrual cup saves you valuable dorm space. It also saves you headspace, as you don’t need to remember to shop for pads and tampons or you run out after hours when you inevitably forget. 

Menstrual cups help to keep costs low

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College life can already be tough financially. Whether you use a loan, have a fund, or work part-time to pay the bills, it takes a while for newer students to learn about keeping a budget. There are often a few lessons early on the journey.

Food, activities, transport, and toiletries are all essentials we need. Not all colleges are conveniently located near big box stores. Students often find themselves buying basics at small local, more expensive stores. The average person spends $20 per cycle on menstrual products. On a small budget, that takes money away from groceries and bills. A menstrual cup like CapdCup can be reused for up to 10 years. That makes a big difference over a decade to our disposable income. 

Travel becomes a breeze

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One of the best parts of being a student and having assigned time off is the opportunity to travel. Whether you take some weekend trips to local attractions or embark on a life-changing foreign adventure, you don’t need to be slowed down by your menstrual routine. When you become comfortable and confident using your menstrual cup at home, you’ll have the freedom to take it anywhere in the world and feel protected. CapdCup from Capd Period is the first cup that allows you to empty it without removing it and makes an ideal partner on a travel adventure. 

Make habits for life

One of the best things we can do to set ourselves up for success is to create good, helpful habits early on in life. Many adults spend years trying to break the bad habits they formed in their younger years. It can delay them from reaching their goals and create a feeling of being behind.

When you start your journey with habits designed to save money, reduce clutter, and be mindful of environmental impact, you will make many future decisions with those things in mind.  

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