Is Using a Menstrual Cup as Messy as You Fear?

purple menstrual cup on a wooden table next to a purple pouch

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Menstrual cups have seen a surge in popularity in recent times. More and more people are discovering the benefits of switching to a menstrual cup. With a greater capacity than pads and tampons, up to 10 years of cost saving, and reduced environmental impact, it is easy to see why. 

People often have reservations about trying something different. Trying out a new menstrual product of any kind can be daunting. As menstrual cups work without absorbing any blood, the idea can cause some anxiety. One of the most common questions people have about cups is whether they are messy, especially in public.  

Start where you are most comfortable

a red menstrual cup on a cream pouch with red ties, against a green background

Sometimes people are happy to start using something new immediately. Many have done just that with a menstrual cup. They place the cup, off they go, and never look back. For most other people, the learning curve may look a little different, and you may want to be able to test it out before committing to all-day wear.

When trying any new product, it’s best to start during a relaxed time when you don’t have to be anywhere. The steps for inserting a menstrual cup are simple. But it may take practice to get used to placing it into the correct and comfortable position for you. Testing your cup, learning to position it, and gaining confidence is the best way to prevent leaks and avoid messiness.

Using a menstrual cup in a public bathroom

During a period, many people prefer to use a public bathroom they are familiar with that has a large, more private stall that includes a sink. But you won’t always get to choose where you need a period check-in, and sometimes it’s just you and the long row of stalls. 

two hands washing a red menstrual cup under a bathroom faucet

You might have concerns about menstrual cups being messy in this situation. The reality isn’t as you might fear. Firstly, most of us have had a messy experience in a public bathroom during our period, even with pads and tampons. Between leaking problems, and products not inserting or sticking correctly, there are always chances for things to be messy.

With a menstrual cup, the fact you don’t break the seal until removing it helps with any potential leaking issues. When removing a cup, you empty the blood into the toilet, and when the seal has been tight, the cup isn’t as messy as you might imagine. When a stall has no sink, some people carry a small water bottle to rinse the cup before reinserting it.

The next step in menstrual cup convenience

At Capd Period, we prioritize freedom and comfort during your periods. We designed CapdCup to be the first menstrual cup you can empty during the 12-hour wear time without removing it. With a high capacity for heavy flow, and the ability to use it in a public bathroom without removal, CapdCup is the ultimate in menstrual care freedom.

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