Not everyone who menstruates lives the same lifestyle. Many people live life on the road for either work, living, or recreation. Society and companies have ignored this reality, particularly around menstruation. Living your life on the road isn’t unusual, yet many products are still non-compatible with a traveling lifestyle. Whether you work in trucking, air travel, live a van life, or are planning a road trip, switching to a menstrual cup can save you time, money, and a lot of mental space.

Simplify and minimize with a menstrual cup

young woman in sunglasses and t-shirt driving a truck

When you live or work on the road, simplifying your life is non-negotiable. Not only do you have limited space for possessions and household items to carry with you, but stops, bathroom breaks and shopping trips generally have to be planned out in advance. While on the road, night times provide the best traffic conditions but the worst convenience for getting things you need.

Disposable products like pads and tampons take up valuable space in your vehicle. If you need some in a pinch, they are not always available. As disposable suggests, you need facilities to dispose of them. Switching to a menstrual cup gives you peace of mind that you are always prepared, freeing up mental space to nurture yourself in other ways during menstruation. 

Higher capacity and a longer wear time

With a wear time of up to 12 hours and a higher capacity than pads or tampons, a menstrual cup allows you more time between removals than other options. At Capd Period, we developed CapdCup with maximum freedom in mind. You can empty CapdCup without removing it during the 12-hour wear time, making it even more convenient than other cups on the market. An amazing benefit, this feature is especially game-changing for people with heavy periods.

Say goodbye to pad rash

close up of a woman hands holding a menstrual cup between her fingers against background of her white shirt

If you drive for work, rash symptoms from wearing a pad can be uncomfortable when sitting for hours. Waiting for a bathroom opportunity after leakage is even worse. Comfort on the road is everything.

Switching to a cup can eliminate the need for disposable products completely. You can prevent pad rash and move around comfortably. Hypo-allergenic and made from medical-grade silicone, menstrual cups are easy to clean and last up to 10 years. For many people living on the road, a menstrual cup is an essential piece that simplifies their periods while taking the best care of themselves.