Menstrual Cups: A Big Help for Some Disabilities

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When we open the conversation about menstruation, we must talk about and include everyone who menstruates. As we strive to move forward in our thinking as a society regarding periods, bleeding, and menstrual care, we should leave no one behind in the conversation. For most of history, people with disabilities or challenges were left out of discussions. Too often, when companies design and innovate, their solutions don’t apply to people with challenges. More modern innovations in menstrual care give people more choices, and many made the switch to menstrual cups for their flow. With longer wear times, high capacity, and easy-care medical grade silicone, cups are a welcome change. 

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Period difficulties with disabilities

People with disabilities have challenges covering a wide array of needs. Some have limited mobility, sensory, and motor skills, and navigating their period can be especially difficult. Often living on limited resources, people with disabilities are vulnerable to experiencing period poverty. Between a lack of financial and caregiver resources, they can end up in an embarrassing, unhealthy, or uncomfortable situation.

Some people with limited mobility are wearing tampons longer than is healthy due to a lack of help or ability to change them. Others struggle with rashes and chafing from sitting in pads for too long. A quick bathroom trip when a leak happens is a minor inconvenience for the non-disabled. It can be the start of a list of problems for somebody without mobility. 

How menstrual cups can help people with some disabilities

Although not a solution for people with some challenges, a menstrual cup can be life-changing for others. For people without manual dexterity, upper body mobility, or a reduced vaginal feeling, a menstrual cup may not be the right product. 

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For people with the ability or resources to change tampons, menstrual cups save time and help them stay healthy. With up to a 12-hour wear time between removals, a menstrual cup gives you much longer to comfortably and safely wear your menstrual product all day. With a higher capacity than pads or tampons, a cup can reduce leaks and provide a more stable schedule for removing and washing.

At Capd Period, we are dedicated to period freedom. We designed the hypoallergenic CapdCup with the ability to empty it between removals. Even with a heavy flow, you can maximize the wear time without removing and washing several times a day. 

Freedom of choice is the most important thing we can bring to people who menstruate. To people with challenges or disabilities in particular. Continuing to innovate to benefit everyone with periods ensures that no one gets left behind. 

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