Menstrual Cups: A Shift Worker’s Best Friend

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If your job requires shift work, long customer-facing hours, on-the-road work, or nights, you already live in a world where everything is less convenient. Unlike most daytime desk jobs, shift and off-site work often requires long hours with few breaks to access personal belongings. Working on these schedules already causes problems with sleeping, blood sugar, and mental health. But one of the lesser talked about issues is getting on with the job while on your period. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the stress, and the increased popularity of menstrual cups is helping.

Periods can be tricky to navigate for shift workers

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Many jobs with long shifts or without a designated workspace require you to be either out of range of a bathroom for long periods of time or have minimal breaks. That may not be enough to keep up with your needs. This workplace blindness to menstruation is particularly hard if you have a heavy flow. Many people resort to doubling up on their pads and tampons and hoping for the best to get through as many hours of a shift as possible without leaks. Aside from changing problems, working on your feet for hours at a time wearing pads can cause chafing when things get sweaty, adding to the misery.

As times have changed with menstrual care, there are more and more options for catching your flow and minimizing discomfort. The most time-convenient and cost-effective method is still the menstrual cup. Could making a switch help with your period problems at work?

Menstrual cups can help with shift work woes

There are many benefits to using a menstrual cup. Many people have switched to a cup based on financial savings and environmental impact alone. But the real highlight of a cup is the freedom it provides. With a higher capacity than pads and tampons, you can wear a menstrual cup for up to 12 hours between removal. For someone with an average flow, you can get through a whole shift without worrying about period matters. If you have a heavier flow you can empty it during those hours. And it still allows you to get away with fewer bathroom trips.

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When inserted correctly, it won’t leak and gives you freedom of movement without chafing or rashy issues. If you generally work with your belongings put away in a locker, it lets you go about your day or night without a pocket stuffed with pads or tampons.

Thankfully as technology and attitudes change, we have more options than ever for improving menstrual products. It is still true of menstrual cups, even though they have been around for decades, as they continue to improve in design.

CapdCup provides the ultimate freedom

At Capd Period, we designed CapdCup with maximum flexibility in mind. The first menstrual cup you can empty without removing. It makes even dealing with a heavy flow during a shift as fast, convenient, and clean as possible. Switching to a menstrual cup helps you get on with your job without anxiety about your period getting in the way. We all deserve the opportunity to discover the best period practices for us. We only find them by experimenting with options and challenging society’s idea that our discomfort is acceptable.

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