Menstrual Cups vs Period Underwear

close up of woman lower body wearing tan period underwear and holding a menstrual cup

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Thankfully, innovation in the menstrual care industry has boomed in recent years. You may have heard about the number of people switching to menstrual cups or other sustainable options, like period underwear. After decades of only disposable, uncomfortable, and leaky products, new period care is changing lives. Menstrual cups have been available for decades but did not always tick all the boxes for people’s needs. That all changed with silicone technology and modern design features. More and more people have switched to menstrual cups and haven’t looked back. They are still unbeaten in capacity, sustainability, and cost savings. But what is period underwear, and is it a good option for most people?

What is period underwear?

Period underwear is a recent innovation in menstrual care. It’s underwear that absorbs your flow without using a tampon or pad. The underwear will wick blood away from your body, absorbing it until you put it in the laundry. A much more sustainable option than disposable pads and tampons, but due to the frequent laundry, it won’t last as long as a menstrual cup. For many people, the introduction of period underwear challenged their thinking and tested how far we have come in accepting menstruation as part of life.

Why do people choose period underwear?

Due to its absorbing nature, some people enjoy the natural feeling of free bleeding into their underwear rather than using something inserted or bulky. Many people on a journey to accept their body and their cycle find this can be an empowering step. If you have insertion problems due to size, disability, or allergies, period underwear offers a chafe and rash-free alternative to pads. Sometimes, people with a particularly heavy flow use period underwear during their cycle as a backup plan for leaky tampons.

Menstrual cups are a better choice for many people

Due to its smaller capacity, period underwear is not always ideal for people with a heavier flow. With a high capacity and up to a 12-hour wear time, a menstrual cup still offers the most protection for a heavy period. The investment required for period underwear can also be a problem. Purchasing enough pairs of underwear to get through a cycle can be a price point out of reach. With a one-time affordable purchase and a lifespan of up to 10 years, a menstrual cup provides both years of money savings and a real option for breaking the cycle of period poverty. 

At Capd Period, we love to see new changes and innovations in menstrual care. We designed the game-changing CapdCup, with ultimate freedom in mind. As the first cup you can empty without removing for up to 12 hours, CapdCup sets a new standard in convenient menstrual care. Every innovation in period care creates more options and flexibility for menstruation. There’s never been a better time to find what works best for you and no longer settle for less. 

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