Prep for the Unexpected with a Menstrual Cup

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The last few years gave us all some lessons on the realities of how our supply chains work. Or sometimes don’t work. The 2020 pandemic brought us factory closures, shortages, and panic buying of essential items, including period products like pads and tampons. After the pandemic, people started evaluating whether they felt prepared for any interruptions to daily life. They started considering, sometimes for the first time, keeping a small supply of essentials in their homes. You don’t need an apocalypse ready supply bunker to feel a little prepared for the unexpected. Making some simple changes can bring us a feeling of security without breaking the bank or going into full prepper mode. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution for your period. Switching to a menstrual cup. Here at Capd Period, we want you to feel safe and secure when it comes to your period, no matter what comes your way.

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First, we had no TP

When most people think about the supply issues of 2020, what comes to mind first is the toilet paper mayhem. The initial panic buying of toilet paper created a situation where people were lined up at the store at 7 am, trying to secure a roll. For lots of people, thinking around the problem was the answer, as sales of either fixed or portable bidets soared.

This sustainable source of hygiene was always available to people, it just took a breakdown in their routine to consider other options. Since then, most people who switched to a bidet have reaped the financial and peace of mind benefits so much that they haven’t returned to their former toilet paper buying habits.

Then came the tampon struggles

Since 2020, we have continued to see supply chain interruptions, particularly with menstrual products. In June 2022, tampons, in particular, suffered a shortage due to problems with sourcing raw materials like cotton and plastics.

an empty supermarket shelf with a printed sign that reads one per customer please

Our periods are such a personal part of our lives and we’ve usually spent years finding just the right products for us. It can be disorienting to our routine when even our preferred brand of pad or tampon is nowhere to be found. Even more difficult when entire sections of products are missing from the shelves. Shortages can not only be inconvenient, but sometimes dangerous when people can be tempted to try and use their tampons for a longer time, risking the sometimes deadly toxic shock syndrome. Having the right supplies for a healthy period is an absolute must.

 Prepping for periods with a menstrual cup

If we want to think ahead and have a healthy supply of menstrual products on hand, we would need several boxes of tampons or pads. Firstly, the cost of buying a few months of anything upfront and continuing to replace them every cycle isn’t feasible for many people. The second limit we can quickly find when storing supplies is space. Many of us have houses brimming with too much stuff already. If we want to keep some extra essentials and supplies, we’ll need to save space wherever possible.

It’s here, in the process of preparing, that menstrual cups like CapdCup can come into their own. When you use a menstrual cup, you don’t need to store boxes of period supplies. Lasting up to 10 years and taking up little space, once you feel confident using a period cup you’ll feel prepared for whatever comes your way.

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