Save Landfill With a Menstrual Cup

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Can switching to a menstrual cup really make a difference? In the USA alone, we produce around 268 million tons of garbage yearly. From that, at least 140 million tons end up in a landfill. Even though recycling programs are expanding, the numbers are unsustainable. Unless we want to end up with more landfill area than farmland, we must do something about our garbage problem. 

Engineers, scientists, and environmental experts have been working on the future of waste for a long time. But the most direct way we can reduce landfill is from the source. When we reduce what we use and throw away, there is less waste in the first place. When we try to create less garbage, the best place to start is with things we throw away regularly. Menstrual products like pads and tampons are one of these things. Switching to a menstrual cup can help us to help the environment and leave more space in our garbage can.

How much landfill does menstruation cause

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Of all the things we do that fill up the landfills in the world, menstruating is not a behavior we need to feel any guilt over. Periods are not a choice, and nobody enjoys the fact that menstrual products create so much trash in their home. But still, it is something that we do every month or so and so it is a regular source of garbage.

The average person uses over 9000 tampons in their menstruating life. Many people use a lot more than that with a heavy flow. If you’re looking for ways to cut down your period trash, switching to a menstrual cup almost eliminates it and brings you so many more benefits.

A menstrual cup does much more than save garbage

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With a higher capacity than a pad or tampon, a menstrual cup gives more time freedom and leak protection to people with a heavy flow. Comfortable and hypoallergenic, with no chafing or itchy rashes from daily wear or working out. Not only do menstrual cups save you garbage every month, but they also eliminate the cost of menstrual products. Those savings add up over the potential 10-year lifespan of a cup. One of the few examples where the most environmentally friendly option is also the most budget-friendly.

Menstrual cup design keeps getting better

Menstrual cups have changed over the years, as designs were tested and technology improved. They remain the most environmentally friendly menstrual care available while only becoming more comfortable and more protective.

At Capd Period we have taken the remarkable period cup to the next level. CapdCup is the first menstrual cup that you can empty while wearing without removing it. With a 12-hour wear time, it gives you the ultimate freedom during your day, even when your cup becomes full.

In the grand scheme, our small efforts to reduce garbage at home are not change-making by themselves. But by not only reducing our waste at home but reducing our demand from corporations for disposable products, we slowly start to change how society functions.

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