Sleeping Away From Home on Your Period 

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At Capd Period, we spend a lot of time thinking about how menstrual care can be improved for everyone who experiences periods. When we discuss ways a menstrual cup can help you on your period, it’s easy to focus on the classic problems. Debilitating cramps, heavy flow, and leaking are usually the first that come to mind.

Feeling physically and emotionally drained, and the cost of menstrual products are big factors that cause distress during a period. Many experiences during a period can cause us anxiety, stress, shame, and embarrassment. But what about smaller stressors that cause the same feelings? 

Sleeping away from home is not always so simple.

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Spending the night away from home doesn’t sound like a big deal. Have you slept at a friend’s house, hotel, campground, or even with relatives while menstruating? If yes, you’ve probably had some stressful nights that didn’t go as planned.

Trying to quietly change a tampon in someone else’s bathroom in the middle of the night and discovering they don’t have a garbage can there. Just one of the small inconvenient stressors that go almost unnoticed but shape how we feel about our cycles. Potentially embarrassing leaks on sheets we don’t own. Running out of pads and using the old toilet roll wad. These experiences form how we choose to spend our time in the future, and often the choice is to miss out and stay home. 

If we’re going to succeed in changing the way we treat ourselves and others while bleeding we need to pay attention to all of the potential stressors.  

Is your own home set up for somebody menstruating?

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People are sometimes surprised when looking at their homes as a third-party observer. If someone menstruating were visiting you, would it be easy for them to navigate your bathroom? Do you have a couple of spare supplies even if you don’t have periods yourself? Taking the time to see our spaces from the view of somebody struggling with a heavy flow, we can start normalizing menstruation and actively show love and care for people experiencing it. 

A menstrual cup can open up your calendar.

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If you don’t want to miss any adventures or want backup for any night away, a menstrual cup can help. Once you have learned to use your cup, you can confidently take it anywhere without leaks. With CapdCup, wear your cup for up to 12 hours between removal. It’s the first cup you can empty without having to take it out. With a higher capacity for a heavy flow, it’s an ideal partner for taking on overnight trips and easing the pressure of a new environment.  

To create ease around our period we must change the way we feel around our cycle. Sometimes making the smallest of changes can give us the biggest results for our health and happiness. 

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