Will a Menstrual Cup Change My PH Levels?

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When it comes to menstrual products, we haven’t always been so cautious about what we insert into our vaginas. Many of us learned about menstrual products from the generation above us. We learned from experience that these products can often affect our natural balance, even before we knew the science on the topic. With new advances in reusable menstrual care, millions of people made the switch to a menstrual cup. But are they better for our PH levels?

The good news is that menstrual cups are a better option for maintaining our PH levels. Here’s why that matters. 

What is a PH level?

PH is a level that indicates how acidic or alkaline something is. With a PH level scale between 0 and 14, 0 being the most acidic and 14 the most alkaline. Water is considered neutral, and most neutral PH water sits at around the 7 mark on the scale. Different environments have different ideal PH levels to keep them healthy.

Why vaginal PH is important

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A vagina can be a breeding ground for bacteria, with warmth, moisture, and places for bacteria and yeast to hide. One of the ways the vagina keeps itself healthy is by creating a slightly acidic PH environment. This slightly acidic environment makes it more difficult for bacteria to thrive, keeping the vagina healthy, clean, and in optimum condition.

When the PH level of a vagina changes, this delicate balance can be disrupted. Yeast and bacteria can begin to take over, resulting in yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and other infectious problems.

What do menstrual products do to my PH level?

The optimal PH level in the vagina is around 4.5. This level is kept relatively stable through the mucus excreted by the vagina. When we insert a tampon, its job is to absorb moisture. It sucks up a lot of natural vaginal secretions along with menstrual blood, not giving the mucus a chance to do its job.

 In addition to removing the natural moisture in the vagina, it becomes full of blood, which naturally has a higher PH of over 7. Having a higher PH of blood in contact with the vagina for long periods can alter the PH of the whole area. Some menstrual products with fragrances can have a bigger impact on the PH of the vagina.

Why a menstrual cup is healthier for your vagina

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A menstrual cup collects blood but doesn’t absorb it. This allows your vagina to create and keep its natural protective secretions intact, keeping your vagina healthier. While wearing a menstrual cup, the blood is collected inside the medical-grade silicone cup, so the blood is not being held against the vaginal wall for lengths of time.

CapdCup, from Capd Period, even allows you to empty your menstrual cup without removing it during your 12-hour wear time. This cuts down even further on disturbing your vagina during the day with regular cup removals.

Hypoallergenic and without additional fragrances and chemicals, a menstrual cup is a healthy alternative to pads and tampons for people who prioritize the health of their vaginas. People are less likely to accept the status quo of menstrual care.

When we spend so many days menstruating during our lives, we deserve to have the information we need to keep our bodies healthy and make our periods as convenient as they can be.

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