photo of hannah wilen, founder of capd period

Our Story

Periods have always been a struggle for me. Like many young girls, I started off on disposable pads and tampons, but they’re expensive, cause irritation, and are bad for the environment. So, a few years ago, I switched to menstrual cups.

While menstrual cups were a great solution to the problems I had with pads and tampons, I quickly realized that all menstrual cups on the market were extremely difficult to use and empty in public. I avoided certain activities or situations because I was afraid of not having access to a private bathroom to empty and wash my cup throughout the day.

This was especially true when I was traveling in areas with limited access to clean water – I found myself having to use unsanitary methods to clean my cup after emptying it throughout the day. I realized that billions of women around the world live in these same conditions, which makes traditional menstrual cups unfeasible to use.

So, we invented CapdCup: the first menstrual cup you can empty without removing it from your body. We’ve made the menstrual cup as easy to use as disposable pads and tampons, so now, choosing zero waste comes with zero compromises.

With Capdcup, now I focus more on my life, not my period. I hope CapdCup can do the same for you too.

– Hannah