Unlock Answers: Can You Poop Wearing a Menstrual Cup?

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Often the most common questions people have about switching to a menstrual cup are not necessarily on the subject of bleeding. Many people wonder about doing other parts of daily life while wearing a menstrual cup.

So can you pee and poop wearing a menstrual cup?

The answer is yes. You can absolutely pee and poop normally while wearing a menstrual cup. Some people have had prior problems with tampons falling out while using the bathroom and so, understandably, they would want to know. With all the advances we have made with technology, it’s about time we didn’t have to worry about losing our menstrual products in the toilet.

It’s always important to ask the basic questions, but peeing and pooping aren’t the only things that are no longer a problem while wearing a menstrual cup. They come with so many other benefits. Freedom of movement

Freedom of movement

When you trade in life with disposable pads and tampons for a menstrual cup, you will find many things you can now do easily during your period. We never realize how inconvenient pads and tampons are until we finally say goodbye. 

When inserted correctly, cups form a seal inside the vagina that prevents them from leaking. This opens up a world of movement for you. Most cups are made from flexible, medical-grade silicone. They allow you to work out, swim, practice yoga, and sleep comfortably. The soft material moves with your body and cannot be felt inside while you move around. 

Whatever you like to do, you can do it for longer with a menstrual cup

Menstrual cups give you the benefit of a longer wear time of up to 12 hours. With a higher capacity than pads and tampons, even if you remove your cup to empty it during the day, you will still dramatically cut down on your menstrual-related bathroom trips. 

CapdCup takes the menstrual cup to the next level

For people who suffer from a very heavy flow, at Capd Period, we have your back. As the first menstrual cup that you can empty without removing first, CapdCup is a game changer for people with heavy periods. CapdCup gives you freedom of a higher capacity and longer wear time compared to pads and tampons. Yet, also the flexibility to empty the cup if you do need to in the meantime. It gives you the most reassurance that you are in complete control. 

Finally, menstrual care is moving into the future. We are innovating in the menstrual space faster than ever before. People are tired of the same options. Always choosing between bad and worse. With all of the new convenient and money-saving options on the market today, we owe it to ourselves to explore how much easier our periods could be.

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