Why You Might Still Fear Menstrual Cups

hand holding a menstrual cup with flowers in it, against a pink background

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As humans, we’re creatures of habit. We find great comfort in things we know and that are familiar to us. This preference for the same old, same old, affects every part of our lives; from the groceries we buy, the places we go, and the activities we will or won’t take part in. This can be particularly true of items so personal as choice of period products, and it’s what holds many people back from trying out menstrual cups.

You may have heard a lot of chatter recently about the environmental benefits and huge cost savings of reusable menstrual products, like the menstrual cup. With potential savings of hundreds of dollars a year, less garbage in our beautiful world, and being able to go up to 12 hours between removals; menstrual cups, like CapdCup, seem like a no-brainer.

So then why are people still nervous about giving menstrual cups a shot despite their millions of adoring fans? A lot of it is down to those old habits and fear of the unknown. 

A menstrual cup is simply something new

New things are generally a little scary to us and over time, brands have figured this out. Studies show that the brand loyalties we pick up as children tend to stick the hardest throughout our lives. Companies market their products aggressively to young people, as the chance of keeping their loyalty into adulthood is very high. We feel safe with what we know, and it’s especially true for our period habits. If a brand can create loyalty in nervous teenagers as they navigate the start of their menstrual journey, they likely have a fan for life

These buying decisions are so often made on autopilot; it’s like we sleepwalk through spending our money on things we have always bought. It’s good for us to take an intentional look at what we buy and if those period products are right for us in the first place. We can’t find life-changing products unless we’re willing to explore the possibilities a little. 

What about doing it wrong? Embarrassing leaks? All of the other catastrophes you can think of?

When we start using any new menstrual product, there’s always a period (pun maybe intended), of learning and getting comfortable with it; even if that is simply changing our brand of pad or tampon. You might imagine that on the first day, you’re going to use it incorrectly and a catastrophe is going to follow, but menstrual cups are not harder to use, they’re just different. With many instructions and tutorials available, give yourself the gift of exploring whether it might be ideal for you. 

Newer technology means that today’s menstrual cups insert easily, seal tightly, and feel comfortable all day without leaks. The first of its kind, CapdCup makes the process a lot faster and easier, as you don’t have to remove the cup every time you need to empty it. If you want to start slowly, begin by wearing a cup at night until you’re comfortable. That alone could halve the number of period products that you need to buy, and it probably won’t be long until you don’t want to face a period, day or night, without your trusty menstrual cup.

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