A Menstrual Cup: The Backpacking Hack

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A backpacking adventure across a new city, country, or continent can be an unforgettable experience. About 45 million backpacking trips are taken each year. You might take a gap year after college to explore the world or are older and ready to shake things up. Being on the road with your backpack helps you smash some goals and make some potentially lifelong friendships. What often makes us hesitate to make our dreams a reality is the worry about some of the practical elements of being away from home. One of those is our period. The excitement of our adventure can dwindle when we think about being in new and remote areas while having a period. We might fear running out of pads and tampons, leaks, a heavy flow, and other unexpected issues. Using a menstrual cup like CapdCup is a game changer for the adventure bound.

Your period doesn’t always get the message

When you take a backpacking trip, it’s usually because you want to see more than the tried and tested sights of the world. You want to experience more remote, local cultures in your destination without being tied down. Backpacking is not only an affordable way to move around the world, it’s the most flexible, allowing you to stay moving and go where the wind takes you.

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Even though your period isn’t due during your adventure, we all know that surprises can happen. They usually do in the most inconvenient places. Carrying pads and tampons you might not need takes up more backpack space than you would imagine. They often become torn or dirty from being in the bag for so long. Purchasing products in a remote area could be impossible. Carrying a Capd Period Menstrual cup in case of emergency takes up minimal space and gives you peace of mind, wherever you are in the world.

A menstrual cup designed with adventure in mind

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Using a menstrual cup while traveling can sometimes pose an issue when emptying, cleaning, and reinserting the cup regularly. In some destinations, you might not have access to clean water all day, and using your bottled water for thorough cleaning uses precious resources. An idea born out of this very situation, the CapdCup from Capd Period was designed to be emptied without having to remove it. This lets you wear the cup for up to 12 hours between removals. It eliminates the inconvenience of removal during your bathroom stops throughout the day. Twelve hours of freedom to wear the cup and empty it while exploring the world is a gift to give to yourself. Backpacking should be about the memories you make, the people you meet, and the stories you bring home.


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