Menstrual Cups: A Step Towards Minimalism

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Living a minimal life isn’t all about throwing away our things and living in a plain white space with no furniture. In most cases, practicing minimalism only involves cutting down on some of the clutter in your home and improving routines to free up time. For people who want to simplify their life this way, what they truly desire is more freedom and peace. Periods are a consistent part of our lives, and making them more simple with menstrual cups is a step towards a more minimal life. We can use the principles of minimalism to create more space in our lives and not just our homes.

Minimalism has many benefits

The positive effect on mental health is one of the greatest gifts of bringing a little minimalism into your life. Studies show that a home with less clutter reduces anxiety, stress, and cortisol levels. It reduces the time we spend doing chores and putting things away. Cleaning around clutter takes longer, and finding something in a mess uses time and energy better spent elsewhere.

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It’s the little stressors and decisions each day that take up so much of our brain power. Deciding what to wear and what to eat when we have too many choices feels debilitating when we’re stressed. Using a minimalist mindset helps us eliminate a lot of these potential stressors.

On a global level, if we adopt more minimalist thinking as the norm, it would be world-changing. We would still have items we love and just the amount we need. The amount of landfill and pollution we could avoid if we stopped manufacturing for impulse purchases could change the environmental future. We often shop because we feel sad, bored, or fearful. 

Making intentional choices

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People who practice minimalism are intentional with what they buy and bring into their homes and lives. As a result, they only keep items they genuinely need or love. When we respect our possessions, we take better care of them, and they last longer. We can also save a lot of money this way. The fewer things we have, the less space we need. We no longer need storage units or a junk room in the house.

Menstrual cups are a perfect minimalist choice.

Saving the earth from the landfill a lifetime of menstrual products creates is just one of the benefits of using a menstrual cup. By intentionally choosing a sustainable solution like CapdCup we can simplify life in several ways. We can save the chore and mental space of buying pads and tampons every cycle and no longer feel frustrated when we run out of them. We no longer waste tampons that unwrap themselves in our purses, and our lives are tidier without cluttering our bathrooms. Getting into a beautifully simple routine with your menstrual cup creates simplicity and peace in your mind, and frees up more space to live the way you truly desire.


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